First Impressions Count – Tips for a great working environment

TEW Group Premises

Over the years, The TEW Group have tended to let our work speak for itself in terms of quality and expertise. We want our customers to see we are top notch in all departments. Hopefully our record proves the case but sometimes, it really does pay to go the extra mile.

The last two years have seen us undergo a rebrand, to modernise our brand and image and align this brand to represent
our desires to push boundaries, engineer excellence and produce quality innovative work. After crafting our logo, and rebranding our communication materials and websites we were left with a building that, although functional, wasn’t quite living up to our standards.

Alongside our rebranding we decided to renovate the offices so that not only were our customers blown away by a welcoming experience, but our staff too were surrounded by an environment that supported their creativity, was uncluttered and maximised efficiency, but also gave us a place to showcase the pride we have in our work.

This is a concept known as brand environments which uses the areas which we occupy, as a canvas for the type of work we want to be producing and image we want to purvey.

Before we updated our building we were no strangers to brand environments. In the past we’ve produced some great work for E-ON, South Staffordshire College, Nottingham Forest, Derby College and most recently Heart of Worcestershire College. These projects included wall treatments, signage, window graphics, art displays and much more. We have taken the fabric of a building and created flow, functionality, personality, history and a sense of identity within it.

The benefits we’ve reaped from creating our own brand environment within The TEW Group have been tremendous. Not only do we have great working environment, but the customer facing identity we’ve presented gives our clients the utmost confidence that we are the right people for the job.

So how can you achieve a great brand environment within your organisation, workspace or building?

Here’s our top tips:

1) Start with a blank canvas

Wall treatments and brand messages are fantastic, but applying these on top of a rundown building, with walls that have seen better days won’t really cut it. Strip back, remove unnecessary clutter, repaint. Do what is necessary to freshen the infrastructure of the area. This stage can be somewhat labour intensive and costly, particularly if you happen to inhabit an older space, but is vital to creating the clean satisfy space you want. Whatever your business ethos, whether you want to convey and evoke a homely atmosphere, a handmade fair trade ethic, precision or cutting edge technology, the starting point is striping the space back to its bones.

2) Put your stamp on it.

The key areas here are the outside of the building, the entrance and anywhere customer facing. Whilst you don’t want to overwhelm customers with your logos splashed everywhere, placing a few keys ones, produced in a great way, shows clarity of message and reinforces your brand.

3) Be proud of what you do.

At The TEW Group we wanted a way to showcase our customers the work we do without shoving it down their throats, but also populate our staff areas with pictures that they can be proud of. For us that meant using our extensive work image library as canvas artwork. We have around 100 boards around the building, if you stop and look at them they show our many facets, but they’re also background décor, livening up the building and adding colour and personality, as well as branding reinforcement.

4) Inspire your workforce.

Motivational messages may be someone of a buzz term these days, but genuinely can have impact. Used in the right way can inspire employees and add to the picture you want to create for your business.

5) The details count.

One thing we’ve found since overhauling our premises is that clients notice the detail we’ve put into our space, and this lets them know that we take care, time and have great attention to detail in our work. Small things like the way you organise cupboards and storage, matching furniture, clean meeting rooms and even well-presented bathrooms all count.

If you want to know more about Brand Environments, email me on for more information and free guide.

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